Novel forms of art, design and interaction. Created with code.

Generative design systems
that create dynamic identities and brands that are alive and breathing.

Audio-reactive experiences
that connect algorithms with real people and spaces in unique installations.

Interactive installations
that illuminate the interdependency of humans and machines.

Generative Branding

I develop creative algorithms. To explore and push the boundaries of art and design.

Interactive video installation
Generative Collage Generator
In a world, defined by digital metaphors and caught in a spiral of ever-increasing complexity, communication is continuously moving towards a broader range of non-linear forms of dynamic content and experiences. In this world, traditional tools, approaches and mindsets become more and more obsolete as they are not or only partially able to express the more complex narratives that are shaping within the realm of a “digital native audience” and its natural relationship to a digital and virtual world.
These notions are what shape my motivation to research programming languages as a means of developing algorithmically driven art and design-systems.


I am an interdisciplinary artist and designer exploring the inter­dependency of humans and machines. I create novel forms of interaction and communication using computer code.

Real-time design-systems, generative applied design, audio-reactive experiences, interactive installations


Form. Space. Music. Interaction. „Piano“ invites the observer to be a playful part of the liaison of generative design, audio-reactive interaction and three-dimensional animation – exploring the unpredictable performances generated during those unique moments in the process.


One playground of applied generative design that has proven to be especially thrilling is my collaboration with my good friend Tim Rodenbröker who creates incredibly awesome live-electronic music using a one-track looper under the pseudonym INJUVIK.

03 coding-challenge to create an audio reactive art piece using Mike Gao’s track Adventura. An initiative to reinvent online music through visuals and interactivity. To discover music in a different way – through visuals, motion and interactivity.