One playground of applied generative design that has proven to be especially thrilling is my collaboration with my good friend Tim Rodenbröker who creates incredibly awesome live-electronic music using a one-track looper under the pseudonym Injuvik.

In the summer of 2015 we had the chance to document some of these moments in a temporary space for art and creativity called Zwischenstand. The entire session was completely improvised and caught on tape by the talented videographers Philipp Wachowitz of Negativtrend and Alina Schäfer in an honest documentation of what moments this combination of unscripted electronic music and generative, audio-reactive design-systems can create.

The setup of the shoot was pretty minimalistic: A mostly empty space, two talented videographers, a musician and yours truly controlling the real-time audio-reactive design-systems that I created during the course of the previous gigs with Tim. The session generated a total of five tracks/videos. Sadly, it was only until the last two videos that we realized that our projection space was pretty small. So the (in my opinion anyway) most impressive design systems using real-time Kinect-based 3D-depth visualizations ended up not looking as impressive as they could have.

To create his music, Tim combines his profound instrumental skills with a self-imposed minimal electronic setup – allowing him to capture the mood of the moment, channeling his spontaneous thoughts and sharing it with his audience.