La Cosette. 100.000 unique bottles of wine. No bottle of wine like the other. Procedural Wine Packaging and Identity Design.

Unashamedly inspired by the great wines of Europe, the singular focus of YarraLoch is to create world class wines from the Yarra Valley which are distinguished by their unique elegance, balance and complexity. To round off this story, I was invited to work with the Australian agency Future Days to develop a living design system that emphasizes the uniqueness of each bottle. A story that revolves around the clouds and Australian climate in which the different characteristics of the Yarraloch wines mature.





My roles

Development of the branding system Development of the cloud simulation Programming and technical implementation of the entire project Additional concept & design


Packaging Interactive design tool

Creating one wine brand with 100.000 unique labels.

At the heart of our work was a new technology developed by Future Days which allows the production of highly individualized, single label print-runs in large quantities.

The interactive, web-based design system I developed for this application allowed both the initial design of the three varieties (Pinot Noir, Rosé and Chardonnay) as well as their automated duplication in quantities of tens of thousands of labels per product line.

A unique tool in the wine business.

This generative design system is an innovative and fresh tool in the production of marketing collateral. Unlike my weather- and data-driven project Brute, the La Cosette design system supports the brand’s story instead of actually writing it.

No bottle of wine like the other.

A procedural wine packaging and identity design system.