Creative Coding: The ideation process in generative design

What is Creative Coding?
Creative Coding is a place where experience in the field of design, love of explorative creativity and skills as a programmer come together. Unbound by commercial purpose and driven by free flow, it is a design approach that inspires and motivates to constantly challenge existing limits and unfold new creative possibilities. Discovery-based, iterative Creative Coding projects and artifacts often lay the groundwork for future commercial generative design systems.

The Creative Coding archive

The explorations and visual artifcats you will find on this site arise from what inspires, surrounds and moves my everyday life and work. Aiming to explore new territories and aspects at the intersection of code and design, they emerge from an inventive and iterative process of interest, enquiry and experiment. By opening up my creative coding archive, I would like to foster the collaboration with researchers and designers and inspire both independent and commercial projects. All of these ideas can be licensed or adapted for commercial use in your next project.


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