Generative Creatures

Generative Creatures
No. 1 of 1 (2014)
DOID: 1874.20141225
Input → Randomness
Output → Illustrations

Visual research on using generative algorithms to create an unlimited amount of randomized and loveable vector-based creatures.

See all those loveable guys (and gals, I suppose) on this page? All of these were created within mere seconds using a generative algorithm that determines the creature’s parameters – including (but not limited to) the size, amount of eyes, mood, haircut, presence of feet (or tails?), etc. To me, the most beautiful aspect of generative design is its inherent infinite amount of unique details and “happy accidents” that can be discovered in each and every system and its iterations. This series of creature designs showcases some of the incredibly unexpected outputs such a generative system can produce.

Every creature is created from the same prototypical decision-tree that uses a weighed algorithmic approach to combining chance and dependence to set the rules that determine its form.

Tagged with: 2D, Poster, Processing

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