A video-experiment that visually explores the cacophonies of subtle impressions and often unfiltered streams of information that encompass our digital selves at an ever increasing rate.

Created in a joint effort with designer and musician Tim Rodenbröker, this audio-reactive music video was created using a wide variety of visual techniques centered around the idea of having autonomous entities (i.e. generative systems) scan and interpret large amounts of visual information with little to no human influence – triggered only by the factors of music and randomness.

I contributed various animated scenes and shots created by two custom-built generative algorithms which were developed using Processing:

  • A sketch that horizontally scans public domain videos at randomized time-, size and opacity-values, resulting in a stretched or compressed spatial representation of the video at different states in time. The resulting images were then combined into a stop-motion video.
  • A sketch that analyzes the video of Alina (the amazing lady featured in this shot), creating audio-reactive 3D-cubes on top of the brightness-values of the analyzed image. Additionally, the RGB-channels were split and then shifted horizontally.

These scenes were later mixed with additional 4K portrait-footage of Alina and Tim’s animated collages.


Music: Injuvik
Model: Alina Schäfer
Camera: Philipp Wachowitz
Generative Visuals: Patrik Hübner
Directed by: Tim Rodenbröker