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Click and hold your left mouse-button to rotate in 3D-space. Right-click and hold to pan.
Keyboard: [W] - wireframe | [G] - grid | [D] - dance | [B] - clear background | [A] - animate | [S] - branding | [C] - color mode

Dynamic and interactive visual identity-system to create branded design-variations for the famous ballet composed by Pyotr Tchaikovsky. This concept uses motion-capture data to combine visual algorithms with the personal expression of human dancers, creating intricate forms and mesmerizing snapshots of motion in the process.

Developed using web-technologies, this 3D-system can be used in every browser. Its applications range from generating high-resolution assets for promotional materials to being integrated into web-based landingpages and physical projections.

Developed using Three.js, a WebGL library.
Motion-capture data courtesy CMU Graphics Lab Motion Capture Database

Click the above video to see the system in action.

Cool stuff, ey?

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