Schwanensee explores human dance-movements and digitally captured expressions as the primary force to create and propel dynamic and interactive identity-systems. It distills the very essence of its subject to create individual and unique branded design-variations for the famous ballet composed by Pyotr Tchaikovsky.

It is a comment on and exploration of how modern design-systems can express their subjects in a way that detaches the designer from the actual process by using generative design-approaches, allowing for unforeseen and autonomous design-decisions.

It is also a means to liberate small theatres and cultural institutions by giving them a system they can use without any design-expertise and a minimal budget to create unlimited design-variations for their needs right from within their webbrowser.

Design-assets created can range from key-visuals to posters, invitations, tickets, websites, interactive visuals to whatever may be required. These assets are consistent in all forms of media and can be created at virtually no cost once established.

This dynamic visual identity-system uses motion-capture data to combine visual algorithms with the personal expression of human dancers, creating intricate forms and mesmerizing snapshots of motion in the process.

Developed using web-technologies, this 3D-system can be used in every browser. Its applications range from generating high-resolution assets for promotional materials to being integrated into web-based landingpages and physical projections.

Developed using Three.js, a WebGL library.
Motion-capture data courtesy CMU Graphics Lab Motion Capture Database

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