Novel forms of art, design and interaction. Created with code.

Generative design systems
that create dynamic identities and brands that are alive and breathing.

Audio-reactive experiences
that connect algorithms with real people and spaces in unique installations.

Interactive installations
that illuminate the interdependency of humans and machines.


Schwanensee explores human dance-movements and digitally captured expressions as the primary force to create and propel dynamic and interactive identity-systems. It distills the very essence of its subject to create individual and unique branded design-variations for the famous ballet as an exemplary case.

Schwanensee is a comment on and exploration of how modern design-systems can express their subjects in a way that detaches the designer from the actual process by using generative design-approaches, allowing for unforeseen and autonomous design-decisions.

BWV846. Bach’s Prelude in C

The Prelude No.1 in C Major is arguably the most famous of Johann Sebastian Bach’s movements for the Well-Tempered Clavier. Its harmonic, monophonic progression is almost mathematical in construction and of a timelessness only few composers have achieved.

This ongoing visual exploration uses the „data-set“ that is the Prelude No.1 in C Major -a sequence of 545 consecutive notes to be exact- as the basis to illuminate its content, patterns, form and inherent beauty using generative design systems and algorithmically driven, interactive experiences.

I develop creative algorithms. To explore and push the boundaries of art and design. I apply the creative potential of generative design-strategies to build novel forms of visual communication and interaction.

Drawing from a rich background of 10+ years as a Creative Director for leading national and international brands, I constantly cross the boundaries of art and design. I devote my time to artistic and cultural projects. And I collaborate with companies to explore meaningful, fresh forms of branding and web-experiences.


Form. Space. Music. Interaction. „Piano“ invites the observer to be a playful part of the liaison of generative design, audio-reactive interaction and three-dimensional animation – exploring the unpredictable performances generated during those unique moments in the process. This interactive browser-based system by designer Patrik Hübner unites three-dimensional typography-elements with algorithmically propelled animations and the freedom to explore and influence every movement and every reaction of the system in real-time.


Piano was on exhibition for one week from August 15th through 18th 2016 as part of the Platine Festival in Cologne. A MIDI-controller was placed in front of a well frequented shopping window onto which the interactive animation was projected. Visitors and passers-by of all ages were invited to play and explore the interactive world of Piano and its myriad of possible visual states. The installation ended up being a colorful meeting ground for people starting to explore the festival and finding their way around the exhibitions.

Digital Design Days: Pixel

Interactice visual experiment for the Digital Design Days, Milan 2017. Initiated by the fine folks over at Monogrid on the topic of “Pixel”, this webGL-based animation was featured and exhibited during the Digital Design Days (DDD) DevX-experiment.