I design interactive experiences.

I specialize in telling fresh and meaningful stories at the intersection of design, technology and art. I research and apply novel forms of visual and interactive communication for brands, agencies and cultural institutions. I develop Generative Design systems using Creative Coding approaches.

BRUTE. A brand crafted by the elements.

BRUTE is a data-driven wine brand that distills the core weather elements of wind, rain & sun into a holistic visual and sensual experience. It uses historic and real-time weather data to shape its identity. So, as each vintage evolves with the climate, so does the brand. A visual identity, crafted by the elements. The brand’s visual system and subsequent packaging is based on a real-time particle simulation with tens of thousands of individual elements. It can generate infinite interpretations of the core weather elements using Generative Design and Creative Coding approaches. These elements are set into motion by the defining weather factors and can be explored in 3D and even “frozen” in time.

The Pulse. A real-time, data-reactive, living key visual.

The Pulse is a dynamic, data-responsive graphic that tracks over 10,000 real-time conversations on Twitter. This revolutionary tool uses real-time Twitter-data and sentiment-artificial intelligence to translate social conversations around women in leadership into a living brand asset. Introducing: The Pulse. Developed for Women Political Leaders (WPL), a premier political women’s network with influential members from around the world. The Pulse is a dynamic, data-responsive graphic that reacts to six key topics: Power, Success, Community, Diversity, Change and Leadership – all representing WPL’s key values.

Schwanensee. A dynamic identity, driven by dance.

Schwanensee explores human dance-movements and digitally captured expressions as the primary force to create and propel dynamic and interactive identity-systems. It distills the very essence of its subject to create individual and unique branded design-variations for the famous ballet as an exemplary case. Schwanensee is a comment on and exploration of how modern design-systems can express their subjects in a way that detaches the designer from the actual process by using generative design-approaches, allowing for unforeseen and autonomous design-decisions.



Art Machines. A flexible, dynamic identity propelled by people.

When tasked with the brief of designing a flexible visual identity and design system for Creative Coding Utrecht’s “Art Machines” series of events I took inspiration from the event’s title and developed a quite literal art machine that can transform the portraits of participating artists and their machinery into infinite key visuals for the event’s communication collateral while showing that the web can touch both the digital and physical world.

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Generative Design and Creative Brand-Strategies

Patrik Hübner is driven by the question of how modern technologies shape the designer’s profession. By applying new and experimental techniques of creativity to his work with generative design systems and creative coding programming languages, he researches emerging opportunities for designers to set themselves apart by telling unique and meaningful stories. At the heart of his work lies the transformation of data into new shapes of media. The underlying principles and patterns of this work are what he describes in the model of “Input/Output”: A creative strategy he illuminates extensively in his talk and supports by real cases he has developed in his profession as both an artist and designer.

In this episode, we’re chatting with Patrik Hübner, an interdisciplinary designer who uses “creative algorithms” to explore fresh and meaningful stories at the intersection of design, art and data. By applying new and experimental techniques of data-driven creativity to his work with generative and interactive design systems and programming languages, he develops opportunities for brands and cultural institutions to set themselves apart by telling unique and meaningful stories.

Claudia Illguth, Managing Director of Dragon Rouge Hamburg, met recently with Patrik Hübner, an interdisciplinary designer, to discuss Generative Design. An expert in the field, Patrik uses “creative algorithms” to explore new and meaningful stories at the intersection of design, art and data.

Branding is an essential part of creating an identity whereby users can associate themselves with. Traditionally, it has been the case that branding strategies are a top-down approach, centered around the minds of the clients and what they think their consumer base needs and desires. But, there seems to be a new player in the field. By using generative design-approaches and focusing more on data-driven design, the tables have turned, with the users telling the executives now what they want to see.