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Hey there! My name is Patrik and I love to create real-time design-systems, audio-reactive animations and interactive illustrations using generative algorithms and creative coding techniques. See all projects

Generative Collage Synthesizer

Illustration / Poster / Typography

No Move. Audio-reactive experiment

3D / Animated / Audioreactive / Injuvik / Interactive / WebGL

Piano. 3D audio-reactive typography

3D / Animated / Audioreactive / Injuvik / Interactive / Typography / WebGL

Wooden Drum. Audio-reactive live projection

3D / Audioreactive / Injuvik / Interactive / WebGL

Time. Audio-reactive live projection

3D / Audioreactive / Injuvik / WebGL

Generative Logo Synthesizer

Animated / Corporate Design / Typography


Animated / Illustration / Physics / Typography


3D / Animated / Loop / Typography

When you think about any creative entity surrounding you, is it rooted in the inconceivable fabric of thought that only the human mind is capable of creating or is it rather the outcome of a set number of rules, simply varied by its genre-defining factors and thus endlessly repeatable without human interaction? If we put the idea of reader-response criticism at the center of assessing art and design, does it really matter who or what created the captivating work in front of you?

Those questions are what drive me to experiment with deconstructing communication into it’s most essentials parts and delivering that essence to computer-algorithms -using computer-code as my paintbrush if you will- for a fresh interpretation in the realms of animation, corporate design, audio-reactive visualizations, art and data-projection. To find out what is possible – and which questions to ask next.