Explorative design for dynamic brand identities – using creative coding and generative design.

Leveraging data and engagement to shape experiences and build captivating brands marks an exhilarating new phase in applied communications design and Creative Coding.

In this episode of “Creative Strategies” I talk about “Explorative Design” and why it is a fundamental part of the creative process. I share some basic creative benefits and strategies and use a real world, explorative case to illustrate the practical application of this technique.

Opportunities await at every corner.

In the course of the video I detail my perspective and thoughts on the field of Generative Design, Creative Coding, data-driven design and dynamic brand design and how I use Explorative Design to develop and pitch ideas to clients and brands that can’t yet envision the outcome.

In a field where so many things are still undiscovered and new opportunities await at every corner, it is a blessing and challenge to develop and visualize ideas without being able to point at references.

Using data and interaction to drive experiences and creative engaging brands is an exciting new chapter in the field of applied communications design and Creative Coding.

Join me on this journey.