What is the role of the Environment?

Data-Design Dictionary
A dictionary to illuminate data-driven generative design and creative coding.


Alongside human beings and machines, the environment is one of the three instances with specific functions in the generative process. It is the goal of the generative process to coordinate the three instances in such a way that their programmatic interaction leads to the best possible result. The environment is the source of all quantitative and qualitative data that we can use as input and ordering principle for the generative process. It consists of two spheres:

1. the natural sphere, i.e. the entire range of natural and physical aspects of the world.

2. the human sphere, i.e. all human and human-created aspects of the world.The environment, with its multitude of entities and properties, provides an immense source of data and regularities that can be used as ordering principles for decisions in generative programs and at nodes of stories, respectively.

The bigger picture of designing and branding with data: