We wish everyday could be a creative coding day. But sometimes life happens, you have to feed your cat, go to work, socialize with friends and family… all kinds of irritating stuff that keeps you from your laptop.

We are a bunch of creative coders from all over Europe. We like to go into the woods and make awesome stuff for a few days, in the inspiring company of like-minded people, a fireplace, some serious food, a few beers and preferably an unspecified amount of frolicking lambs outside (where we sometimes venture to clear our heads and face our all-encompassing fear of the day-star).

The logo-animations on this page were created to commemorate the amazing days I’ve spent with my fellow coding friends and to express the fun and creativity that we shared. In the spirit of our time, they were purely created with modular code and typographic geometry (built with Processing). Creative Coding Days Nijemirdum, Netherlands 2016 – generative logo designs